Below, you’ll find frequently asked questions about staying at Ronald McDonald House New York.

Families with a child currently undergoing active cancer treatment at a partnering New York City hospital, that live outside a 50-mile radius, are eligible to stay in a room at Ronald McDonald House New York.

All room requests must be made through a social worker from one of our partner hospitals. A request does not guarantee a room, and we ask all families to confirm their reservation 72 hours in advance of their expected arrival date.

Yes, those undergoing active treatment, inpatient or outpatient, are eligible to stay with us.

Siblings and other family members who are acting as caregivers are allowed to stay in the room. All family members must be registered in our system and carry a House photo ID card.

Four people, including the patient, may stay in the room at a time. This is based on fire code and New York City safety regulations.

Families should bring the following:

  • Photo identification for each guest (age 18 or older) who will be staying in the room.
  • A deposit of $35 dollars, even if your stay is being covered by a third party. It is best to put this deposit on a credit card to avoid complications and funds being held on a debit card. Cash deposits will be mailed back via check after check-out.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing.
  • The child’s favorite toy or blanket.
  • Items to make your room your home (you may choose to bring family pictures or linens from home).
  • A stroller.

The safety and security of our families is a top priority. There are numerous policies and safeguards in place:

• All guests over 18 years of age must complete a background check prior to a reservation being accepted.
• All guests are registered in our system and must carry a House photo ID card.
• All visitors must sign in at the front desk and be met in the lobby by the family.
• Visitors are only allowed in the dining room and living room, and are absolutely not allowed on any of the guest floors.

Yes. Families must still go through a social worker at a partner hospital to make their return reservation. Any changes to a reservation, including extending a stay, should be made through the social worker as well.

Because we strive to help as many families as possible, we are unable to hold a room for a family while they are not using it. Families will need to make a separate reservation through a social worker.

Ronald McDonald House New York is full to capacity nearly every night. We can only allot one room per family due to a high demand for rooms.

The actual cost to operate a room is $310 a night; however, at RMH-NY families are asked to donate $35 per night. Payment is NEVER required for those who cannot afford it. The difference is made up through donations. Thanks to your contributions, it is a global RMHC policy that a family never be turned away because of their ability to pay.  

Ronald McDonald House New York offers families a safe, clean, and supportive “Home-away-from-home” in close proximity to major hospitals. We provide private bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, a library, computer rooms, a playroom, laundry facilities, tutoring, complimentary wi-fi, gym passes, family support services, and transportation to and from hospitals. We also offer programs and activities designed to enrich our families’ stays. Most importantly, we provide a loving environment where kids can be children first and patients second.

Most nights, dinners are provided by generous corporate or community groups. On weekends, there is a breakfast club that includes hot foods. Families are also welcome to use our kitchens to prepare their own meals.

There are several reasonably priced supermarkets and restaurants near the House. Visit our Neighborhood page for a list of businesses. Once a month, we offer a trip to Queens, where families can find many ethnic markets. Guests can also request food items from our Parents Pantry.

Complimentary transportation is provided to and from hospitals, Monday through Friday, from 6:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. This service is not available on weekends or holidays. Taxis, car services, and trains are also easily accessible. Many hospitals are within walking distance.

Yes. Residents can sign up for wi-fi or upgrade to a higher-speed service for a fee.

Yes. Families can accept packages at our front desk. Please send mail addressed to a patient by name, so we can easily locate their room information. All families are also given a mailbox with a key for small mail deliveries.

Yes. Visitors are welcome, but may only visit in the Macy’s Living Room. For security reasons, no visitors are permitted on the guest floors under any circumstances. Visiting hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. All visitors must check in at the front desk.

No. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we are unable to accommodate non-registered guests.

We do not have parking facilities. We do not have special arrangements or discounts with parking garages. Guests will need to find on-street parking or utilize one of several parking garages located in the community. See our Neighborhood directory for a list of nearby garages.

No. Guests are expected to keep their rooms clean, tidy, and safe. Monthly inspections may take place. Guests must clean their room before checking out. Rooms must be cleaned, vacuumed, and dusted. Towels and sheets should be washed. Bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned. Wastebaskets should be emptied and relined.

Clean linens and towels, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and an iron and ironing board are provided in all rooms.

No, but we can refer families to neighborhood services.

Guests can contact Granny’s Rental to request a free stroller.

Absolutely no smoking is permitted in the House or within 100 feet of our building. If management suspects that a guest has smoked inside a room, we reserve the right to charge a $250.00 penalty.

Yes, certified service dogs are welcome.

There is no curfew at the House, and we have 24-hour reception at the front desk. We ask families to be mindful of quiet hours and to reduce noise at all times.

NYPH Urgent Care is located at 525 East 68th Street and York Avenue. City MD is located at 3rd Avenue and East 67th Street.

There is a CVS located at East 72nd Street and 2nd Avenue.

There are many salons in the neighborhood, including the Mayfair Salon at the corner of East 73rd Street and 2nd Avenue.

Many religious institutions are within walking distance of the House. See our Neighborhood directory for a list.