Issue XII
The Ronald Report
How you are helping to keep families with cancer together.
 Terri Eggers, Director of Volunteers, proves that the flu shot doesn't hurt a bit!
Volunteer to Volunteers: It's Time to Get Your Flu Vaccine!
By Megs DiDario, Volunteer Staff Writer
At a pediatric cancer seminar held last year at Ronald McDonald House New York, attendees were asked to raise their hand if they had not had the flu shot yet. Monday night volunteer Shelly Talan raised her hand.
When asked why she had not yet gotten the shot, she replied that she never gets sick, so never thought she needed it. After learning a little bit more about the danger that un-vaccinated volunteers are exposing to the kids at the House, Talan went to get her first flu vaccine right away.
“Part of making a difference in the lives of the kids is protecting them. We are here to protect the kids,” Talan emphasizes.
Dr. Farid Boulad, the Medical Director of the Pediatric Day Hospital at Memorial Sloan Kettering, treats many of the children at Ronald McDonald House. He advises that all volunteers must get vaccinated if they are coming in contact with any of the kids or their families.
“The biggest favor that we can do for these kids is to not expose them to diseases,” says Dr. Boulad. “Their immune systems are too weak for them to get the flu vaccine themself, putting them in an extremely vulnerable position to getting very sick if exposed to the virus.”
Dr. Boulad often hears a fear of getting sick from the flu vaccination as a top reason for people opting out of the shot. He stresses that there is no study or statistic that proves this at all. He also cites a fear of needles as one of the top reasons he sees that people do not get the flu vaccine. To counter that, he mentions that there is an option to receive the vaccine via a nasal spray.
Volunteers, you may have noticed that this month’s Ronald Report is on the lighter side. This is because most activities for the House have had to be cancelled because not enough volunteers have gotten vaccinated.
Late last year, Ronald McDonald House offered the flu vaccination to any volunteer who wanted to get one, free of charge. If you have not gotten your flu vaccine this year, please do so as soon as possible.  It will take all of five seconds and requires no more effort than a visit to your local Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade.
Upcoming Events
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Team Ronald "Heroes" Event
Save the Date!
On Thursday, February 21st, Team Ronald will be hosting an evening benefiting Ronald McDonald House New York at The Parlour, located at 250 West 86th Street. There will be an open bar, raffles, and live music by The Hey Baby Band from 7:00PM-10:30PM. For tickets and more information, click here
Please note! The date of the Team Ronald "Heroes" Volunteer Event has been changed to Wednesday, June 19th. Please plan accordingly.
Santa and a House Guest
Monday Night Fandango Puppet Fun
By Megs DiDario, Volunteer Staff Writer
As many activities and field trips that had been planned at the House for this month have been postponed due to the flu outbreak, those volunteers that have gotten the flu shot have risen to the challenge of coming up with some more low key, but nevertheless creative, forms of entertainment for the families.
With a lean Monday night group of volunteers and no activity scheduled on January 28th, Monday night volunteer Shelly Talan remembered she had puppet making supplies in a locker at the House.
A few sequins, googly eyes, and felt body parts later, the kids transformed brown paper bags into their own unique puppets. Talan has named the activity, which she coordinates twice a year, Fandango Puppets, because the final creations resemble the puppets featured in Fandango commercials before a movie.
Special thanks to Talan, a House volunteer for eight years and a prior Hope Award recipient, for organizing this great night. A special thanks to Monday night volunteers Gary Adelkopf and Phil Paparella for also getting their flu shots and thus being able to lend their creative talents that night.
Volunteer John Savarese Brings Magic to Session 73
By Megs DiDario, Volunteer Staff Writer
There were card tricks, a baffling reading of the minds, and even an escape from handcuffs on Thursday, January 24th at the first annual “Magic and Music” fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.
The star of this fundraiser show was House volunteer John Savarese, who has been wowing audiences with his magic and mentalist performances at Ronald McDonald House fundraisers over the past eleven years. And to the delight of the families, he has also brought his talents to the House for various events.
Savarese has been involved with the House for the past few years thanks to Thursday night team volunteer Jef Campion. A firefighter for the Scarsdale Fire Department by day, Savarese has been performing magic shows over the past eighteen years by night. Among his impressive list of clients includes the NY Knicks and the NY Rangers.
The fundraiser, which raised around $1,500 for the House, was the brainchild of Session 73 owner Corby Thomas. Thomas saw John Savarese perform at poker tournament fundraisers for Ronald McDonald House New York in the past, which were both organized by Thursday night volunteer Jim Molloy. He thought it would be a great idea to develop a fundraiser that centered around Savarese’s unique talent. Thomas has done a lot of volunteer work for the House himself, having hosted two fundraising events at Session 73 within the past year, as well as through generous donations of gift certificates for various other House fundraisers.
Adding to the fun of the night was a performance by karaoke band 3rd Avenue All Stars, who generously shared the stage with Campion, the night’s emcee, who also orchestrated a 50/50 raffle prize onstage.
A very special thanks to John Savarese, Corby Thomas, Jef Campion and the many other volunteers and friends that came out to the event to support the House!
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